Tasty Tuesday: Wild Rice Pudding

IMG_2459 IMG_2464

Apologies for the summer pictures! I forgot to take pictures of my rice pudding, but I used strawberries as a topping and thought these might be some hopeful photos of warm weather soon to come! Besides which, Sarah of My New Roots, the lovely blog from which I pulled this recipe, includes more than gorgeous photos. I’m absolutely obsessed with Sarah’s blog. I love the photography, the mostly-vegan, super-healthy recipes that encourage me to explore foods I’d never heard before, and information on the nutritional value of the ingredients. Do check it out!

This week, I made Sarah’s Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding. I soaked the rice as she suggests, and that was a great choice to cut down on cook time. This recipe was super simple and easy- the work pretty much amounts to boiling the rice, opening the can of coconut milk, and chopping up any toppings you want to add. I used full fat coconut milk, which I might switch out for light next time. It made the pudding super heavy on the stomach. Otherwise, the flavor was great, and it was really filling too! I think I added hemp hearts to the rice as it finished cooking, to add some oomph and protein. As a topping, I just used strawberries. Great, easy recipe, full of complex carbs, fiber, and fat- highly recommend it!


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