Pukka tea and a case of the Mondays


Boy have I got a case of the Mondays, if you know what I mean. If you don’t know, I about had a panic attack driving in to work because I thought I was going the wrong way. In fact, I was taking the exact same highway exit I have been for the past 4 months. Go figure. Maybe the 40 degree drop in temperature over night has thrown me off. I don’t know. Waddling over ice on the way to work this morning certainly didn’t help. Grouchy magoo over here.

Anyway, nothing like a nice cuppa to throw off the Monday blues. I’m really excited that they’ve started selling one of my favorite teas, Pukka, all over the place, including TJ Maxx and Whole Foods. My mum bought me the two above, and I’ve really been enjoying them over the past week. Beautiful packaging aside, Pukka teas are awesome because they taste fantastic and don’t contain caffeine (i.e. they’re not real tea- they’re herbal infusions, or “tisanes”- fancy). I have a strange caffeine allergy (found out the hard way- after drinking green tea every day for about a year) and haven’t always loved being limited to herbal teas. Sometimes I miss having that earl grey, or green tea with jasmine, but Pukka and some other Tulsi tea blends that I love have been helping to satisfy my tea needs.


The elderberry and echinacea is pretty righteous, and I’m definitely going to buy more once I’m out. I usually don’t like fruity  teas, because they tend to be too sweet, but not the case with this one, which has a very complex, interesting flavor, very orange-y. It’s not a gross, artificial orange taste though, like cough medicine. They use real orange oil, which will be especially nice for me today, since orange and other citrus lift the spirits.

The green box is the Pukka “Cleanse” tea. I also like this one; it has a more traditional, herbal, grassy flavor, with nettles and peppermint. The nettles are great for purifying the system, so this is a good springtime tea. Nettles are also rich in minerals like iron and silica and so help with nail and hair growth. In Slovakia, where I’m from, they make lots of hair products containing nettles for this reason. My granny made me drink nettle tea when I had some hair loss after a stressful semester. That’s how you know you’re on the right track, I say!

Also wanted to mention the Pukka Night Time tea, which I can’t find anywhere- probably because it’s sold out, probably because IT’S AWESOME. It is the best-tasting herbal blend I’ve ever had, with lavender and limeflower. As a professional insomniac, I can also tell you that it works, likely because of the lavender and valerian.

I’ve also tried the Relax and Love teas. The Relax has a very strong, sweet fennel taste, and the Love tastes mostly like chamomile. I wasn’t as big a fan of these flavor-wise, but I’m sure they still have lots of benefits. Hopefully, soon I’ll have my head on straight again. Wishing you a happy Monday!


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