Springtime Skin

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I was thinking about my post from a few weeks ago and skin problems I was having (resolved now!). One of my favorite blogs also posted in March about keeping skin blemish free. Maybe it’s all part of the same phenomenon, and although augmented by stress, maybe my skin problems were just a part of my body’s “spring cleaning.” It definitely prompted me to revamp my winter approach of slathering on layers upon layers of creams every morning to keep my skin from drying out.

Spring Cleaning

So if my skin is spring cleaning, why not help it along? Evan Healy’s Lemongrass Facial Polish just came out recently. I picked that up at Whole Foods and have been really liking it. It’s a scrubby texture, but really gentle, even for breakouts. Also, the ingredients are SUPER HIP. Really. The traditional Ayurvedic approach is really having its moment in green beauty, and Facial Polish is full of things like chickpea powder, neem, tulsi, and triphala. These are great for breakouts because they’re astringent and energizing but won’t dry out your skin. Plus the EH Facial Polish has rice bran, which makes me feel like a regular geisha.

Lighten up at night

At night, even in winter, I don’t use creams on my face (based on the Hauschka method- book review coming soon!). I use just a serum or oil or – gasp – nothing! (OK maybe just some rose water.) Recently, I’ve had a hankering to repurchase Evan Healy’s Sea Algae Serum for this purpose. It’s very light, and firming and mattifying, but not drying at all. Basically, a fantastic warmer weather product to soothe skin.

Lighten up in the morning


I tend to go overboard in winter with heavy creams and oils because otherwise my skin gets pretty dry, especially when I’m out  in Colorado! In the summer, I switch all of this out for my all-time favorite tinted moisturizer by Juice Beauty. This year, I  bought the Juice Beauty CC Cream instead, however, and I love it! A CC cream is an all-in-one- SPF, serum, moisturizer, make  up, babysitter, chef… It does have some tint, which makes my skin nicer when I have it on, but all of the great ingredients like  hyaluronic acid and fruit juices have also helped my skin look more even and radiant with no make up on. The light coverage  doesn’t look like you’re wearing make up, and the zinc oxide soothes any breakouts or irritation.



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