Sushi Monster: Skincare from the Sea


It’s shaping up to be a summer ripe for budget skincare posts, so this may be the first in a series! I love to do seaweed masks; it’s not just cheap but also works really well, to soften, soothe, and brighten the skin. I got the idea after reading the ingredients for a favorite mask of mine, the Pangea Facial Mask, which I’ve been using for years.  It contains, among other great things, seaweed. I had some nori in the kitchen and thought, why don’t I supercharge this sucker?? I put some nori over it and BAM, luscious, luscious skin ensued.

Seaweed is really great for you, and not just externally. It’s one of the few vegan sources of vitamin B12 and contains loads of other vitamins, minerals, and trace elements like iodine. It has vitamins like niacin (B3) that you can find in fancy skincare products (but without all the nasty additives). Niacin is great for bringing circulation to the skin. Since your skin absorbs what you put on it, the vitamins and minerals go a long way in helping to fight free radicals and slow aging and damage to the skin. The mask is really stupidly easy to do, but below are some pretty pictures with instructions.

IMG_3668   IMG_3664   IMG_3666


Above is the nori that I used; it comes in dry sheets. If you want to do a really good job and make it super nice, you can precut pieces to fit your face using scissors. I was too lazy (and couldn’t find the scissors), so I just ripped off pieces as I went. Before putting the seaweed on your face, you have to dip it in water to soften it. Don’t leave it in the water; really just dip it for a few seconds and pull it right out or it will fall apart. And then where would we be?? Once you put it on your face, it starts to dry out pretty quickly so you have to keep remoistening. It’s a lot easier to put something underneath it, like some vegetable glycerin, or honey or another face mask, so that it stays moist on its own. You can keep this on for as long as you want, but 15-20 minutes will do the trick. To take it off, I keep adding water to my face until the seaweed starts to fall apart. I then rub all the goodness into my skin as much as I can and rinse. This is super messy, and if you want to avoid most of the mess, then add a bit of moisture to the seaweed, pull off the bigger pieces and throw them out, and then rinse your face. Your skin will look more firm, even-toned and very luminous!


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