It’s here!!! RMS Beauty Oil review

Serious business today. Remember when yesterday I said I’d been naughty and bought things from Spirit Beauty Lounge? Well I finally caved and bought the full size bottle of the RMS Beauty Oil that I have been dreaming of since I first sampled it last fall. And it came in the mail this weekend! It’s quite a splurge but well worth it, and I have tried dozens of facial oils. For me and my skin, this is the holy grail product.


The effects on my skin were noticeable after two uses, and the teensy sample I had previously actually lasted me two weeks. After a few uses, my skin was clearer; it was rosy and plump and smooth, with a soft, matte look. No more red spots. The pores were smaller, and this was the only thing that I had changed in my routine at the time. I experimented with using it night and morning but had the best effects using this only once a day, at night. I used it again last night, and the pimple that I could feel coming up is completely healed. And no wonder; look at these beautiful, life-giving ingredients.


All of the ingredients are plant oils, though you also see listed some herbs: sarsaparilla, ashwagandha, turmeric, licorice, calendula, horsetail, and St. John’s Wort. These have been infused into the jojoba oil, kind of like when you make tea to infuse the water with the benefits of the herbs. Calendula, for example, is a great healer and will get rid of redness really quickly. It’s also really soothing for blemishes. Rosehip oil has lots of Vitamin A, which makes it great for getting rid of scars and hyperpigmentation. Tamanu oil is another free radicals fighter that can help to get rid of scars and has anti-inflammatory properties. The blend also contains buriti oil, a pretty unique ingredient, which is loaded with beta-carotene, and vitamins A, C, and E. Vitamin C is the only thing that’s been proven, when used topically, to actually reverse skin damage and boost collagen. This is why I truly believe in organic skincare over conventional, and why it’s more effective. It’s living food for your skin.

The scent is phenomenal, and very unique. While most organic oil blends are scented with loads of essential oils, the RMS is scented with vanilla and the faint earthiness of the herbal-infused jojoba oil. I think infusing herbs into oil is brilliant, and I’ve tried it myself since reading about the RMS oil ingredients. You get all the benefits from the herbs but without the harshness of essential oils. For someone like me with sensitive skin, this oil is perfect.

The weight of the oil is perfect. It’s deeply hydrating but soaks in quickly, so I think it’s great for all skin types, oily, normal, or dry/sensitive, like mine. You only need about two or three drops for your entire face and neck, and the oil comes in a beautiful white glass bottle. I’ve always loved the simplicity of the RMS packaging, and this product is consistent with the rest of the line as far as quality and aesthetics.

Serious business. I told you.



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