Tasty Tuesday: PB and strawberry smoothie


Hello, everybody, and happy belated Tasty Tuesday to you again. Apparently regular blogging is a bit difficult for me. Should’ve expected that, as I could never even keep a diary for more than four days at a time in grade school.

There is a doozy of a storm right now! I guess there’s a tornado watch in DC? I’m in my new place and reminiscing about the place I just moved from, which had an amazing rooftop deck with a view of the Capitol. Not that that’d do me any good now. I enjoyed many a smoothie up there, though, and guess what I’ve got for you today? Yes, it’s another smoothie recipe. Party time.

photo (9)

This smoothie makes a great meal replacement, especially for breakfast. I have cut out carbs, more specifically, processed grainy carbs, from breakfast, and I don’t understand why I didn’t do this ages ago. Eating pastries and bread for breakfast only makes you hungry and tired an hour later. Generally, I have a smoothie or a meal replacement shake like this one, or two eggs and maybe some veggie sausage. Here’s a smoothie I made last weekend, and it turned out so well, I thought I’d share it.

1 peeled banana

Handful strawberries

2 tablespoons organic peanut butter (the best peanut butter

has just two ingredients: peanuts and salt)

3/4 cup of water or nut milk

If you have some raw cacao powder or a chocolate protein powder, you can throw in a tablespoon of that. (I added the meal replacement powder I have for breakfast sometimes.)

Optional anti-inflammatory boosts: half teaspoon turmeric powder, half teaspoon chopped ginger root

To make this more filling, add more peanut butter or any or all of the following:

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 tablespoon hemp hearts

1 tablespoon chia seeds


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