Sunscreen Recommendations

Hello, everyone! Sorry about the hiatus. I just wrote a fantastic post answering a reader question, and it’s disappeared into the internet ether, I know not where. So, before I rewrite it, I’ve decided to write this post instead. It’s about time! Summer is almost over, and I’m already excited for fall. But we still have a few good summer days left to enjoy, and sunscreen is (always) important. See below for summer activities you may continue to do (roller coasters and baseball games)…

IMG_1333 IMG_4127

Getting some sun is very important, namely for Vitamin D production. It seems that moderation is key, even with the sun. Even so, I wear sunscreen on my face almost every single day. Environmental factors such as sun (and pollutants) damage the skin and cause premature aging and hyperpigmentation (including sun spots). (Of course we can also damage our skin “internally” by eating crap and making the skin reactive, but that’s for another time.) so why slather on all the peptides and antioxidants after the damage has already been done if we can prevent it?? Our face is always exposed to the elements, so it’s especially worth protecting. See here for dramatic picture of the impact of sun damage to the skin.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, it’s a good idea to wear a hat. Sunscreen is great because it doesn’t just protect from the sun; it creates a barrier between your skin and everything out there, like pollutants. Organic sunscreens use mineral as opposed to chemical block. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the primary ingredients, and zinc is actually quite therapeutic and great for acne. Below are some sunscreens that I’ve tried and love and use regularly. On the not-so-hot list, Acure Sunscreen SPF 30 may work for some, but it definitely didn’t for me. It’s runny, felt waxy on the skin, and made my skin red. It was disappointing, especially since I love all other Acure products so much.

– For the day to day, I wear Badger SPF 16 Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen or Juice Beauty CC Cream. The CC cream has a bit of color, but the Badger also gives a bit of coverage too, with the zinc. I prefer the Badger, because it uses zinc only and has a more satiny finish, but the CC cream is great for brightening and giving a glow, especially for days when I’m looking tired. The Badger also has a nicer, more herbal scent, where the CC cream is sweeter smelling. Another great option that I’ve loved in the past is the Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer. It’s a more basic version of the CC cream, without all of the fancy plant stem cells and other more powerful ingredients.

IMG_3756                                                                                 IMG_1268

– For more serious days out of doors, I use (on face and body) Goddess Garden Organics, Super Salve Co. Sierra Madre Sun Cream SPF 30, and any of the Badger Balm SPF 30 (more variety on their site). The Goddess Garden are a good, safe bet if you’re not used to organic sunscreens: they’re not too thick and go on pretty clear (and they even have spray-on variety). The Sierra Sun is great if you’re in the water or in a dry place like Colorado (or you’ve got very dry skin), since it’s very thick and will create a nice protective barrier over your skin. The Badger have two lines- daily and active. Those are pretty self explanatory! Let me know if you’ve got others you love in the comments below! On my to-try list: BurnOut Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen and Pratima Neem Rose Face Sunscreen.


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