End of Summer John Masters Review

Happy Labor Day, all! I am taking the day to not labor (too much), make some poppyseed mylk, and drink lots of tea. It’s going splendidly so far, and I may even throw in some time out of doors if I can manage. It is gorgeous outside today! I’m sad to see summer go and hope that you get some time to enjoy the outdoors as well over these next few weeks.

Most summers, my skin is at its best, and I scale down my regimen quite a lot. Not so this summer, unfortunately, possibly because I moved twice, started two jobs, etc. While I was out in DC and shopping with a friend, I came across an incredible John Masters sale (50% off!). My skin had been quite congested, dehydrated, and stressed out up to that point, so I decided to embellish my simple lemon water/moisturizer routine. I got the John Masters Organics Jojoba & Ginseng Exfoliating Face Cleanser and the Green Tea & Rose Hydrating Face Serumand they have seen me through the summer and will probably stay with me through the seasons!

Both products are incredibly gentle and soothing, just what my skin (and all skin ever really) needed. The cleanser is creamy and orange/herbal scented, with gentle jojoba beads to exfoliate in it. It cleanses well without leaving your skin stripped and dehydrated after, and also brightens nicely. Jojoba wax is a great eco-alternative to the usual plastic beads (which don’t biodegrade) that you find in drugstore exfoliants, or the harsh apricot pit bits that can tear at your skin. While it cleanses well, I would recommend removing this cleanser with a wash cloth if you’re wearing a lot of make up, to get everything off. I’ve also used it around my eyes without irritation. I think this would be a great, gentle cleanser for all skin types, though not for inflamed, acneic skin because of the exfoliating beads. In fact, I’ve already converted others to this cleanser- a friend and my cousin, who have more oily skin than I have. (I’ve even repurchased this after leaving a bottle for my cousin; repurchases rarely happen for a skincare junkie like me!)

IMG_4394      IMG_4396      IMG_4391

The green tea and rose serum was equally impressive and helped to soothe redness and irritation. It’s really hydrating, though not heavy at all. It’s recommended for mature/dry skin, but it’s actually so light that I think it’d be great for any skin type. It has a light gel texture and would make a great little moisturizer on its own for oily skin; dry skin will need a moisturizer over top. Though some products can irritate my sensitive skin if I use them too often, I treat my skin with this stuff several times a day if I spend a day at home, with great results.

Overall, I’m really impressed with all the products I’ve tried and plan to keep them on as staples in my skincare arsenal. They’re high quality products at a great price point, and I think all the great reviews the products get are spot on. The packaging is gorgeous- I love the unisex color scheme and lovely brown glass.


I’ve most recently purchased another product from the line, the Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum, and I love that as well! (Can you spot the guest who appeared in my photo shoot in the picture above?) As far as vitamin C serums go, this is priced really well. It has a pretty citrus scent and visibly brightens the skin if you use it every day. Vitamin C is truly a worthwhile skincare ingredient because it can “anti-age” your skin in that it stimulates your skin to repair and renew itself. That makes it great for wrinkles and scars, but also for invisible sun damage that even younger skin has and that weakens your skin and causes premature aging and more wrinkles and spots. The John Masters serum is both potent and gentle, so you see a difference without the irritation. Really lovely products, I think. Give them a go and let me know what you think!


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