DIY Sunday Spa Day

Hello, and happy Sunday! I was out for a beautiful hike today, which left me exhausted because it’s the most physical activity I’ve had in a week by far. I was sick with a stomach flu, and am, unsurprisingly, thrilled to have that past me. It was quite hot today, but you could just barely feel the crispness of impending autumn. Or was that just me?

(Actually, this is from camping a few weekends ago!)
(Actually, this is from camping a few weekends ago!)

I figured in any case that such monumental exertion required equally impressive relaxation. I had leftover avocado in my fridge, and my skin has been dry, as will happen when the seasons (are about to) change. So with that as a starting point, I came up with a mask and a sugar scrub to enjoy during my bath. Let’s see how it went!



Body scrub is something that I will never ever buy because it is so stupidly easy to make on your own, so this wasn’t much of an experiment. Though some use salt for the scrubby bit, I am a stalwart proponent of sugar for exfoliation of the body. Salt is, for one thing, I’ve found very harsh and can leave your skin feeling stripped or sore. It does mine, and sugar doesn’t do that. For another, sugar contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid more specifically, that stuff that you find in skincare all over now. It increases skin cell turnover and collagen production, which is a fancy way of saying that it sloughs off your dead skin cells to stimulate and reveal the fresh, soft, new skin cells below. So that is the first ingredient.

There isn’t much of a science to the making of it, and I’ve never measured out the ratios. Mix the sugar with some oil until you get a paste consistency is the gist of it. The more oil you use, the more of a film it’ll leave on your skin (so make sure it’s not too runny!). Here’s what I used:

Granulated sugar

   (Though I find that sugar with bigger grains, like cane and turbinado, works best.)

Sesame seed oil

    This is one of the more viscous oils, great for dry skin, but also nice mixed with something less viscous like olive or almond oil.

Few drops of lavender oil and vanilla extract

    One of my all-time favorite scent combinations.



This is something I’d never tried before, but avocado is wonderful for your skin, very oily and moisturizing and loaded with vitamins C and A. The green tea adds a polyphenol punch, as does the spirulina, making this a wonderful multivitamin for your skin. Honey adds soothing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Ingredients:

1/4 of an avocado

2 tablespoons green tea

1/2 teaspoon spirulina powder

1 teaspoon honey

IMG_4466   IMG_4467   IMG_4473

Just mash everything with a fork and slather on your face. Now you are ready to run around and scare small children, or relax in the tub, as you please. Bonus: You can take your leftover green tea and either drink it or, like me, add it to your bath! I will definitely be making this mask again! It did exactly what I needed and left my skin ultra silky, hydrated, and radiant!


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