Tata Til You Drop

It’s the holiday season! So guess who gets to make up the cheesiest names for posts??? Me. And who has been getting the most stupendous gifts, even before Christmas??!! Me!! Yes, little old me got a gym membership, which is very exciting and hopefully will boost my morale so I can get blogging again. If there’s one thing I love, it’s going on and on and on and on and on and on, and on, about skin care.

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Another very exciting gift sent to me by a dear, dear friend: the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, and samples to the infinity power. Whoa. I have not yet sufficiently explained the wonderfulness of TH products, though I have reviewed the Be Adored Lip Treatment. Good stuff.

Regarding the TH line generally: the products are a true luxury, and they’ve got the price tag to match. Some are more affordable than others, and then there are the $200+ serums. Consequently, I haven’t tried too many full-sized products from Tata, but I have been able to give most of the line a fair go with samples. Her products actually go a long, long way, so even a small collection of samples has lasted me over a month.

I’ve had samples of the entire line, but when used all at once, it was too much for my skin. TH products are full of active ingredients and are also quite heavily fragranced with essential oils. (They smell absolutely incredible, mind you. None of that synthetic perfume-y smell and no headaches. Field of unicorns, I tell you.) By ‘actives,’ I mean ingredients that are doing some heavy lifting- antioxidizing and exfoliating and all that sort of thing. That’s what you want from your skin care really, but you’ve got to find the fine line with sensitive skin. I’ve broken out with certain TH products as a result.

However, I am wild as a Christmas hog about several TH products that do work for me and my sensitive skin. Those include the Rejuvenating Serum and (obviously) the Regenerating Cleanser! (My sneaky friend did some sleuthing!)

So, now, finally, you have made it to the (vegan) meat of this post! A review. (Never thought you would, did you? Oh ye of little faith.) The Regenerating Cleanser is a power house, as with most of Tata’s products. Some key ingredients: pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate, pink clay to detoxify (gently), and willow bark to soothe breakouts. Nothing to be trifled with. The new, heavy frosted green glass bottle with pump packaging is completely gorgeous, and the smell is too- slightly orange-y and floral.


TH reports that the Regenerating Cleanser will ‘improve glow,’ minimize pores, and cleanse thoroughly without drying out your skin. And it delivers on all fronts! Like I said though, caution is warranted for those of sensitive skin. Yonder fares the nymph who doth not exfoliate every day. What? I do exfoliate every day, sometimes, but using this twice a day was way too much for me, and I broke out! I’m using this only a couple of times a week now, and I still see all of the great benefits! I don’t know how the ‘glow’ thing happens, but the beauty world don’t call it the ‘Tata glow’ for nothing. You’ll see; it is real as the kitty nibbling my jacket as we speak.

As far as the use, the packaging recommends using this on dry skin, but I find that if I moisten my skin first, I have more time to massage the product around and leave it on my face longer without it drying out. I’ll stick with that, as it works really well for me.

I have some new favorites as well, that I plan on purchasing in the full size. Tata recently came out with the Beautifying Face Oil and lip and cheek tints. I had generous samples of both (and fell in love and now I need them). (So weird that they put all these samples in there, right??) (Ahem.)

The Beautifying Face Oil will ‘instantly energize the look of the skin, leaving a silky-soft, hydrated surface with a brighter and firmer appearance.’ This is one of the most hydrating facial oils I have ever tried (and I’ve tried many!), and I am thrilled to say that once a day use has gotten rid of any dry patches and tightness that I had before. I’ve even taken this baby up to the mountains with me, and it was hydration station the entire time. I think the main ingredient in the BFO, squalane, an oily, plant-derived substance, must jive really well with my skin. Squalane has very low viscosity also, so the oil has really great slip on application and will hydrate without sitting on top of your skin and feeling heavy or sticky.

The comfrey, calendula, and meadowsweet also make this a very soothing oil, to help combat redness. The BFO contains algae as well, which is phenomenal for the skin, though I’m not sure how much of an impact it’s having in this case as it’s the last ingredient and therefore present in a very small amount only. In any case, this oil is in competition with my favorite to date, the RMS Beauty Oil, which is spectacular. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of Tata’s BFO. I think too, at $48/ounce, it’s (relatively) reasonably priced, especially considering you only need 2-3 drops once a day to see the hydrating and brightening effects.

I very much enjoyed the lip and cheek tints as well, but the verdict is still out on whether I will purchase the full size. The color “Very Charming” is so lightly pigmented that it barely showed up on my skin at all. I loved the color “Very Sweet,” though the staying power is not that great. I do really love that these are multipurpose products, in gorgeous little pots, and are creams. I buy only these types of products actually, as far as skin make up like blush and foundation/concealer. They aren’t heavy or obvious on the skin. But, I might keep this on the list as a special indulgence for sometime in the future, since there are many great organic make up brands with better staying power.


6 thoughts on “Tata Til You Drop

  1. Hello again! OK, so I think we might be having the same skin type, because the Regenerating Cleanser broke me out too. I think I used it way too often. I do have another unopened foil packet and should probably give it another go! I do want that “Tata Glow” 🙂

    I have a sample of their new Lip/Cheek Tint in Very Vivacious (the darkest shade…think it’s coral/pink). It looks beautiful, but like you mentioned, it doesn’t last too long on my cheeks. I am currently testing Courtesan from Vapor Organics and it seems to have better lasting power. 🙂 I do want to pick up a full sized cream blush, and still undecided which way to go…I’m leaning towards Kjaer Weis, since I’ve heard that the coconut oil in RMS Lip2Cheek might be too much for breakout prone skin. Would love to know what your favorite brands are for blushes! I only have a full size of Alima Pure in Antique Rose (powder), but I don’t wear it too often because I am partial towards the dewy look.

    Ruhi xx

    1. You know what I’ve been using for years as blush??? This guy:
      (Though, they recently reformulated and it seems a little less pigmented for some reason. :/)

      Because I am a cheapskate! Haha! I also feel bad spending lots of money on blush because I still have so many of my old, “dirty” blushes that I use from time to time. THAT SAID, I did cave and get some W3ll People foundation and blush, because I got way too excited when I saw them in store for the first time!

      I really love the formulations and the staying power. They are wonderful, and the foundation is probably my favorite that I’ve ever used- light, and satiny, medium coverage. I do love the blush as well (I think it’s one of the luminous Universalist colorsticks, but I’ll have to check which when I get home), and I have it in a pretty, coral color. However, their color selection is not great for me as far as the blushes- which tend on the yellowy, orangey side. On me, bluer berry tones and cool pinks are much more flattering, so that’s my only gripe there.

      You’ve got me writing litanies! Terrible. 🙂 I’ve actually had good luck with RMS- even though I’m breakout prone, I have fairly dry skin that seems to like coconut oil. (I even use it straight as a pre-cleanse oil sometimes!) Have you tried just plain coconut oil? It might be a good way to test whether your skin will react to RMS.


      1. Hi Silvy, That lip tint is beyond gorgeous! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your lil secret. I swear I won’t buy all available stock and cause a shortage (just kidding). I think all lip tints can be used as blushers, actually…unless there’s something in the lip tint that will cause a breakout? Maybe I should try to use my RMS Lip Shines as blushers 🙂

        Even I hate spending loads on blushes because of the exact same reason you mentioned above – I swapped away most of my “dirty” blushes from NARS, Benefit etc., but still have a couple that I couldn’t bring myself to give away, and these last forever. I don’t know if I should spend $50 on a KW blush when I still have so many things to use up – feels like such a waste.

        Oh, I think I might be the only person on this entire planet who’s yet to try to W3ll People full sizes; I do have small samples of the Stick Foundation that I’m currently using as an under eye concealer. Their flag ship store’s here in Austin, but I’m yet to visit (I really don’t need anything, and very minimal when it comes to makeup, but just the opposite regarding my skincare).

        So good to know RMS hasn’t caused any breakouts for you 🙂 Yes, I have tried coconut oil for pre cleanse, and it works pretty well actually (have a HUGE 56 oz coconut oil from Nutiva :)) – just that I prefer not to use a washcloth every time to take the oil off, because the extra scrub every evening makes my skin inflamed. So, I prefer Tatcha’s Camellia Oil that washes off clean with tepid water (OLO Vit B Cleansing Oil is supposed to be really good too and quite a favorite amongst many, although I haven’t tried it personally).

    2. I haven’t tried the OLO oil cleanser either! There’s a new frontier for me. 🙂 I haven’t really ventured into oil cleansers at all (except for just straight almond or avocado oil). I’ll have to check out the Tatch or OLO if I ever want to switch it up with the Osmia facial soap (though I am seriously loving it!!).

    1. I know- everything is so beautiful!! Do you use any of her other products? Have you tried this one? The more of them I try, the more I want! (Though strangely, my skin is too sensitive to use more than one or two of her products more than once a day. Kind of convenient- if you can keep costs down and still get the results!)

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