Osmia Organics Review

My Christmas presents were all sorts of fantastic this year! Past year, I suppose. Imagine my joy at unwrapping a beautiful penis pillow, with quasi-floral, blue design. Yes. And then, not only the Tata Harper, but I also got the gift of Osmia Organics. I have read so many great things about this brand from other bloggers, and everything has been wondrous!

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Honestly, I think I may not have tried it before because, despite the rave reviews, the products are relatively basic. You’ve got your soaps, your body oils, your powder masks to mix with water… Pretty standard fare for an organic beauty company. I figured Christmas was a good time to indulge in more luxurious versions of these basics. I’m afraid I may no longer consider some of them luxuries because I love absolutely everything that I’ve tried so far.
As far as full sizes, I received a body soap in Juniper Shea, and two body oils, in Flower and Stream. Everything is gorgeously packaged, with a grainy white paper that has a warmth to it and feels so good to touch. Each of the different product types (i.e. soap versus oil) has a different kind of flower on the label, which is clever and beautiful.
As basic as the products may sound, I’ve noticed that my skin has changed in a way that you don’t necessarily see with your average DIY. I love using the body oils; they smell phenomenal, and a little goes a long way. I have been using them after every shower, despite my plethora of other body moisturizers. I apply them to wet skin, as advised, and it’s a lovely experience, to anoint yourself with these blends. My skin is much softer and hydrated. I have only used the Juniper Shea soap about twice now. It doesn’t lather very well, but still cleanses. I think it’s perfect for winter time- very hydrating. It smells quite lemony, and the juniper is very subtle.
My two favorites, however, from Osmia, are some small samples. I’ve been using them daily for close to a month now, and they’ve barely shrunk. They are the Rose Clay Facial Soap, and the Black Clay Facial Soap. I’ve a bit of history with facial soaps, actually. Hold on to your seats, because it’s a real pit-stain-inducing thriller, this one.
Growing up with acne, we are all guided towards foaming gel cleansers, myself included. As I started to explore organic skincare, I encountered a bigger variety of liquid/paste cleansers, as well as your dry powder-to-be-mixed-with-water grainy cleanser. Then, in college, I spent a lot of time studying in France. I can tell you, all that stuff they say about French women- it’s true. And for me, after growing up with acne, I always fixated on skin and trying to attain that fresh rosiness, that look of health. While American women oftentimes wear too much make up, even if they have good skin, French women’s skin always seemed bare, even, and silky.
Later on, one of these French women with pristine skin came to visit me in the States. This friend left behind her facial soap- soap- for your face! I asked her about it, and she said it was no big deal, just a cheap drugstore buy. I could try it out if I wanted. So I did. It probably wasn’t the drugstore-type of soap that you’d think of, a Dove or Irish Spring. It was a brown color and had a medicinal, herbal smell. After trying it out a few times, my face dried out like crazy, I abandoned ship.
I thought there must be something to it if these French folk are into it. (Obviously, if one is, they must all be. Dur.) I tried out a few other, random facial soaps from Whole Foods, but even the shea butter couldn’t help me and my glorious dry-with-acne skin type. All of them left my face with flaky patches in some places, with filmy patches in others. So that was that.
Now it’s years later, and I decided to give these little suckers a try. Free samples; why not? After starting new medication, my skin has also been much more breakout prone, and I figured the clay in the Osmia soaps might help. It certainly did.
The Rose Clay soap is my favorite; it’s incredibly soothing and hydrating. I haven’t experienced any dryness, and actually my skin has been softer. It’s also been clearer. I love using this every night, and it’s been great in combination with the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser to exfoliate on some nights.
The Black Clay soap is a bit more drying and has been especially beneficial along my jawline, where most of my breakouts were happening. I use this only a couple of times a week on my entire face and sometimes will use it in the morning just along my jawline if I’m dealing with an active breakout. (Not so much anymore!) Of course, a good night’s sleep does wonders, but I really look forward to washing my face at night with these guys. My skin doesn’t dry out even in the mountains. Winter in the Colorado mountains approaches desert levels of dryness, but then, Osmia was formulated in Colorado- Carbondale, most specifically, which is in fact in the mountains.
I really love the simplicity of a facial soap; I imagine women in the ’40s must have washed their skin with bar soap. The only packaging and waste is a bit of paper, and of course, it’ll be great for travelling. I’m so glad this soap worked out for me and can’t wait to buy the full size of the Rose Clay. My skin isn’t dry; it looks rosy and fresh, and my breakouts are healing. This one’s a keeper, and I can’t wait to give all of the other Osmia products a try. I say, I’m practically on my way to that je ne sais quoi!
Osmia Organics products are sold at the following sites:

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