Daily Sunscreen Comparisons: Badger and Juice Beauty

I know that I’ve written about sunscreen before, its importance, my favorites, etc., but I’ve been wanting for a while now to write a more in-depth review of some of the sunscreens I’ve used long-term (6 months+), daily, on my face every morning. Mean muggin’ blocks, if you will.

A recent trip to Costa Rica showed that sun blocks for body, given extreme paleness and vigorous outdoor activities (you know who you are), can be quite complicated, but for me, the only tricky part of sunscreen has been finding something adequate for daily wear on the face. My face is quite sensitive and, as I’ve bi-… grumbled about on numerous occasions, quite breakout-prone. Finding anything for daily use is quite a task, let alone the notoriously pore-clogging enigma that is sunscreen.

Over the past three years, however, (actually, probably closer to past five years), I’ve been pretty dedicated to a few products, from Juice Beauty and Badger, that serve the screening purpose. Given this in-depth knowledge and experience, I’d like to provide you with a thoroughly stimulating comparison, below.

IMG_3564       IMG_3567

First off is the Juice Beauty (hereinafter referred to as “JB;” who’s a lawyer? I see no lawyers) SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer– the classic, basic version. This has been around for at least 5 years now, and I used this throughout most of college, in the “Sand” color. I really, really love this stuff; the level of coverage and hydration are perfect for my skin. I think the price is quite reasonable, and in the summer time, this provides enough hydration to my skin that I don’t need to layer anything underneath (unless I want to!! And let’s face it…). The coverage is great- it’s not going to hide a face full of acne, but at the same time, it’s a  tinted moisturizer, not foundation. It does cover redness and even the complexion. The ingredients are basic, and lovely- like a multivitamin for your skin: fruit juices, plant oils, and hyaluronic acid.

After a few tubes of the classic, JB Tinted Moisturizer, I decided to give the upgraded, revolutionary JB Stem Cellular CC Cream a try. JB came out with this maybe 2 or so years ago, and the green beauty blogosphere was all a-buzz. Bippity boo. The CC Cream touts fancy anti-aging (I don’t like that word… skin-fortifying? antioxidizing?) ingredients, especially fruit stem cells. Stem cells are pretty common in organic beauty these days, but to my knowledge, JB was one of the very first companies to incorporate plant stem cells into their products. Plant stem cells are supposedly incredibly effective at penetrating into the skin and stimulating collagen production. But, despite all the praise and the hype, I was pretty disappointed in the CC cream. It is supposed to fulfill 12 (?) functions; I’m not sure what those are. Basically, though, what I look for in a tinted moisturizer are these: light coverage that evens skin tone, sun protection, adequate moisture so that my skin doesn’t flake. I find that it does none of these very well. The coverage is way too light and wasn’t doing anything to even my skin tone, let alone cover more serious flaws. The finish is pretty oily, even for someone like me, who likes to have “glowy” skin, as is the fashion these days. And despite the oiliness, it doesn’t provide much hydration. Even in the summer, I had to layer serums and other products underneath to hydrate my skin properly. Worst of all, it made me break out. Nothing too horrific, but certainly some blemishes popped up. This stuff just wasn’t for me, though, given the rave reviews, if you have normal or oily skin, it may be worth a shot!

Ok, so enough about JB. They’re a lovely company, but recently, I’ve been searching for (at least some!) daily products that are more budget friendly. JB is very reasonably priced, in my opinion, but Badger is a long-time love of mine for sunblocks and price-wise comes out to be way less.

IMG_4786     IMG_4783

Although the Badger sunblocks are not “tinted” per se, they are mineral sunblocks (zinc only), and so do have a bit of a cast over the skin. I find that the white cast goes away after a few minutes, though the minerals still do help to cover up some redness and actually even out my skin. Not to mention that zinc is wonderful when topically applied. Taken internally, it suppresses your immune response (which is why it’s recommended when you’re sick and helps get rid of symptoms), and topically, it has a similar effect. It calms redness and irritation and heals blemishes, which is why it’s also used in creams for diaper rash. Very fantastic.

My two favorites from Badger are the Daily SPF 30, for summer (temporarily discontinued?!), and the Active SPF 30 for winter. The Active line contains beeswax, which makes this really tenacious on the skin and great for days at the beach, but also provides a great barrier over the skin to retain moisture in the winter time. The Daily line is much lighter and contains only plant oils, which makes it great for daily use on the face in the summer time. It doesn’t have the heaviness of the Active line, which you won’t usually need if you’re just out and about.

Honorable mention to the SPF 16 Rose Face Sunscreen, which was also temporarily discontinued to take care of packaging issues. The packaging really did suck, but I still absolutely love, loved this for summer time and went through 3 bottles. Can’t wait until Badger gets it back out on the market again!

So that’s it for me on this long overdue post. Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to get out of doors for some loving self-care and peace!


6 thoughts on “Daily Sunscreen Comparisons: Badger and Juice Beauty

  1. Hi there! Great post 🙂 Finding a good sunscreen that doesn’t break me out is my mission of 2015. I’m so glad to have discovered your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment, else I probably would have taken longer to find your blog.

    I had the exact same experience with JB CC Cream – It made my face terribly oily, and I got bad breakouts. I thought it was due to improper cleansing + travel related stress. I am yet to try Badger sunscreen, but will definitely look into it once I run out of my current sunscreen, which happens to be the Andalou Naturals Brightening BB Cream. I’ve been using it since the past couple of days, and really liking it. And…no breakouts 🙂 That JB CC cream made me quit on sunscreens! I do have a Coola SPF30 Matte Cucumber in stock too, so after I’m done with Andalou, will need to use that up (Can you tell I’m a hoarder?).

    Just curious if you’ve tested Suntegrity? That seems to be another really popular choice.

    Ruhi xx

    1. Hi, Ruhi!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!! So excited to connect with people who are as excited about organic skin goo as I am!

      You know, I’ve been using Badger for so long and had such good results with that, or just most basic, zinc based (no titanium dioxide) sunscreens from the health food store, that I actually haven’t tried a whole lot else! Can’t say the same for most other skincare items. 😉 So, I haven’t tried Coola, or Suntegrity, though I’d love to hear more about them! The local organic skincare store in Denver- Vert Beauty- carries Coola, so I’m definitely interested!

      Re: Andalou Naturals- I can’t believe I am just discovering them! They are such a phenomenal line, and for a great price too. It’s taking all of my self control not to go out and buy full sizes of their rose toner, rose SPF cream, and the (new!) rose body lotion! I’ve also heard good things about the shampoo- which I also haven’t tried because I have 4 different shampoos/conditioners in my shower rights now… Hoarders unite!!

      1. So much fun finding like minded green beauties ❤ ❤

        Isn't it awesome that you're so happy with Badger that there's no reason to shake the boat? *knock on wood*. That would be my ultimate dream – finding a regimen that I'm so dedicated to, that I don't need to switch at all! Until I made the switch to green beauty, I had no idea that Zinc Oxide based sunscreens are good for acne prone skin. Even then, I rebelled against sunscreens because I justified it by saying that I work 9-5 at a desk job, and hardly get any sun. But now that I'm 30+, I really want to prevent the advent of any wrinkles.

        Yes, Andalou is so amazing…and so affordable! I totally understand what you mean 🙂 As I type this, I have 3-4 unopened toners from them, a couple of serums, and God knows what else. I had no idea they'd released a new body lotion! Must check that out 🙂 My local Marshalls usually has something or the other from Andalou at great prices…which makes it easier for me to hoard more :\

      2. Always the dream! But then, we wouldn’t get to have any fun testing new products! 😉

        Yeah, I think my main motivation for sunscreen at this point is that the zinc really does help to prevent blemishes, and it also helps to hide redness. Though, hopefully, it’ll be a good thing in the long term as well!

        Oh, just followed you on IG! Your pictures are lovely!!

        What other Andalou toners do you have? I am really wanting to try them all now.

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