Crafting a Morning Routine

A wise person named “Pinterest” once (just now) told me:

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

With that, here I am writing to you from the land of the cold people, or maybe they’ve gotten used to the cold by now. In any case, I am much closer (uncomfortably so) to the Canadian border than I was when I wrote my last post. There’s new lighting, a new camera (!), and I’m still figuring it all out. In the meantime, (with previous lighting and previous camera)….

I’ve realized that I’ve had many brand or product-focused posts, but not too many that give an overview, a bird’s-eye of face goo. What a disaster. But, have no fear- I’ve a morning routine that I’ve really been enjoying if I’ve got more time or on weekends, and I’d like to share with you, along with more general comments on product selection and daily routines.

IMG_0881    IMG_0898

I’ve posted about the Hauschka Lemon Bath before, and I’m sure I will again. (Pictured above is the old packaging.) It’s something I’ve repurchased many times because it’s such a pleasure to use and really brightening. It’s an oil to put in your bath with aromatherapeutic and skin-toning benefits, but I love it most for the face. My most basic cleansing routine is to put some Lemon Bath in a bowl of warm water and use a wash cloth to gently wash my face with the lemon water. Recently, I have switched over from wash cloths to a charcoal konjac sponge, from the brand Dew Puff. I had a pink clay one previously but didn’t find it did much of anything. This one is much bigger and easier to hold and, in combination with the lemon water especially, it does a good job of cleansing and exfoliating (gently!). When I get extra fancy, I add massage with an oil, like almond or coconut, before this step. It helps to melt any grime for easy removal, and adds a boost of hydration.
More generally, and I know this is a morning routine, but I think that on most days of the week, cleansing only once, at night, is totally enough for most skin types. It’ll depend on your skin, but I recommend at least trying it out if you’re used to cleansing twice a day. Even before switching to organic skincare, I found that this helped my skin a lot; it was less dry, less red and irritated, and broke out less. Most mornings, I just splash my face with cool water or skip directly to the next step. (And more recently, I’ve been enjoying a DIY toner/micellar water that I’ll share in a future post!)
So, my actual first step most mornings is a spritz of toner or floral water. Sometimes I spray it on, and sometimes I spray into my hands and press into my skin. My absolute favorite toner is the Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner; I mix it with some aloe vera gel for the perfect, soothing and plumping comb. More Hauschka, I say! Give me more! It’s very gentle and rebalances my skin, better preps it for next products. I can definitely tell the difference when I stop using this; my skin doesn’t absorb moisturizers and serums as well if I go straight from cleansing to moisturizing. It’s also really soothing and healing so it helps with any blemishes. (It doesn’t hurt that it smells like candy and herbs.) Another favorite that’s perfect for summer time is evanhealy Rose Geranium hydrosol.
After toning, I moisturize, with oils, serums, creams… My routine greatly depends on the state of my skin that day, the weather, etc. In the summer, I use oils morning only and water-based serums at night. In Colorado, I was layering products in the morning even in the summer time, but my skin has been loving the humidity in Minnesota. So, I’ve been sticking with just an oil underneath my SPF. I have a neem and squalane DIY oil that I’ve been loving, or I’ll use evanhealy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum Blue (not pictured), which smells incredible! Even though it’s pretty heavily scented, meaning it has lots of essential oils, it’s actually been incredibly soothing to my skin and hasn’t caused any congestion. The essential oils are immortelle, lavender, and blue chamomile- very anti-inflammatory. I make sure my skin is still moist and also add a spritz of toner to my palm with the oils before pressing into my skin.
Here’s another consideration for morning: of course you should be wearing SPF, but some essential oils increase photosensitivity, notably citrus oils. Check your ingredients, and it’s best to use these sorts of products at night. The evanhealy serum contains carrot seed oil, a great ingredient for morning as it actually has some sun protecting properties. For my SPF, I still love Badger SPF 20 Rose Face Sunscreen (not pictured). It was discontinued for a while but is back out now with new packaging. The formula is still the same, fortunately! Sometimes, if I want to add a bit of tint, I add a drop of Dr. Hauschka Transluscent Bronzing Tint.
IMG_0895    IMG_0894
Finally, as far as makeup, I almost always keep it simple. (By choice! Definitely not because I’ve got no time left after all my skincare…) You can see some of my favorites below: the Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara in Aubergine, which I’ve purchased many times and love how fluffy and full it makes my lashes; W3ll People Narcissist foundation for concealer; W3ll People Universalist Colorstick No. 8 for cheeks; and maybe Dr. Hauschka eyeliner or Gabriel Cosmetics lip liner in Berry (used as lipstick). And last, for stinkies, Weleda Rose Deodorant. I have been using this for years. It’s quite pricey, but regretfully, none of the other “natural” deodorants seem to work for me. In fact, I’m pretty sure they make me smell worse, or if they have baking soda, they work but give me pit rash. So that’s that.

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