Shea Terra African Black Soap Review


Guys, obsessed. Just introducing myself. I’m obsessed. Shea Terra Organics is so terribly lovely; everything I’ve tried has been wonderful. Other people agree. <This actually links to a review of the Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash, a fantastic product, but not what I’m reviewing here. It’s just a case in point. I have sampled (and by sampled, I mean I had a deluxe sample that lasted me two months!!) the Deep Pore Facial Wash, and it’s wonderful! It will, in fact, shrink your pores and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I’ve recommended it to a good friend (hi, Xiaolu!), and she uses it to this day! Her skin is gorgeous and glowing, and I got to see her delightful face again recently. She lives in the far away land of Washington, DC, you see.

Back to the matter at hand. I’m formulating a shampoo (which I will be selling on Etsy!), and have been testing different ingredients for their hair washing abilities. One ingredient I’ve tested is Shea Terra’s African Black Soap Powder (also sold on Amazon). What is it???

Shameless use of puppy cuteness to draw more readers.
Shameless use of puppy cuteness to draw more readers.



It’s not actually soap, but it foams.

It smells like cigarettes.

It leaves your complexion rosy and tight.

Look at these claims. Just look!









So there you have the ingredients: ash, basically. Maybe because it’s called “soap,” people tend to want to add detergents to it. I’ve seen so many products marketed as African Black Soap that are often just soap, or other crap, or both. Maybe they actually contain some cocoa pod ash, at the bottom of the ingredient list, so barely any at all. Hey, not so different from a lot of “natural” products! Read your ingredients, people. They are listed in order of most to least present in the product. The Shea Terra African Black Soap Powder is the most pure African black soap I’ve found in the US, the only pure African black soap I’ve found in the US. By purchasing, you are also supporting traditional producers’ families in Nigeria.

Now to the claims. Is it true, everything they say? So true. My skin has generally been very well behaved lately. I’ve been getting lots of rest, drinking lots of water, and all that. But longterm struggles are a few visible pores on my nose (that I mostly don’t care about, but hey wouldn’t it be great to have a porcelain complexion??), some tiny bumps on my cheeks, and old acne scars on my cheeks. I was always recommended acids to get rid of the scars, but after years of AHAs, BHAs, and the like, they are still there. Makes you wonder.

Finally, they are fading. My skin feels and looks tighter, but not dry, and there’s no more redness around my mouth and nose. This stuff is magical, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. The jar will last you quite a while, even with daily use. If you have dry skin, you might use this only every other day. If you have oily and/or acneic skin, you need this in your life posthaste. Right now.


My only gripe is that it clumps, which makes it hard to mix into a paste as the packaging instructs. I mash it together with other things for that reason (a bit of chickpea flour or clay), and keep it in a spice jar in the bathroom. Or, I just make do with the clumps. It’s THAT good.







2 thoughts on “Shea Terra African Black Soap Review

  1. Wow, this sounds pretty cool. I love the sound of those ingredients. I’ve seen ‘black soap’ around the place but never tried it/considered it. Won’t it turn my hair black? Lol. How is it on pimples?

    1. Nope, it won’t turn anything black (except maybe fabric! I’d keep it away from fabric unless you have a washcloth you don’t mind getting stained…). It’s stellar for pimples! This is what I turn to if I have a breakout coming on. The Shea Terra rosehip cleanser with black soap is lovely too. 🙂

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