For Love of Minimal, Multi-use Makeup

Happy days! I recently got back from one of my great loves in life: Washington, DC. (Ok, so maybe not recently. This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while…) One of my favorite things about traveling is packing my skincare and make up! I mean, experiencing new things and a sense of adventure of course. Anyhow, I realized a while back that I tend to over-pack my make up. I really don’t wear much in the day to day. Don’t really need to take that gold eye shadow and crazy lipstick with me. Really, a bit of concealer, some cheek color dabbed onto lips as well for a bit of a stain, and maybe some mascara or eyeliner. And lately, when my skin has been good, I’ve often used just a lip/cheek color. This has always been my most basic, but key product. I always buy lip products or cheek products with this multi-use in mind.
Apparently, cheek color is outdated now, but I’ve always needed it to look alive! I like to think it makes me Lady Maryesque, the whole super-subtle but basic, fresh, English rose look. Below I’ve listed my favorites for this multi-use approach! (Another great thing is RMS Lip2Cheek, or so I hear. I’ve only tried Un Cover-up and Living Luminizer from RMS so far.)
Note: My skin has cool undertones, so keep in mind where I talk about color.
I’ve used this for ages! It’s cheap, and it’s such a flattering color. It really gives that subtle flush of color patted onto lips and cheeks- very sheer and dewy. This is probably the most sheer of those listed here, and also the glossiest (though none of these have a really shiny effect).
Most of the W3ll People colors are not too flattering on me as they have warm undertones. I really like the creamy texture and staying power of these, however, and the Creamy Dusty Rose color has worked out quite well for me. It has tiny gold flecks in, but it’s not glittery or shimmery even. On me, it actually looks more like a peach pink. (Don’t mind the goofy face… My face does strange things in front of cameras…)
I originally didn’t like these because the staying power isn’t great, but the colors are too lovely. They plump the lips as well. Hence, the volumizing, I suppose (though still sort of bizarre for a name for something you put on your face!). Medium pigment, I’d say- with the 100% Pure below being most pigmented of the four reviewed. Don’t be afraid of the coral- Very Vivacious; it looks really orange in the pot, but I found it to be incredibly flattering! It may be my favorite color from Tata. It looks ruddy on me, but in a good way, like I’ve been outside all day. Tata now has 6 colors; I’ve tried 3- Very Sweet, Very Vivacious, and Very Charming- all very flattering and versatile! (The color in the photo below is Very Charming.)
This is more opaque than I usually like, but as long as I use less product, it works fantastically. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch. I am obsessed with the Lychee color- it’s a perfect match for me. It’s almost the exact same color as my actual blushing cheeks. It’s a cool, creamy pink- almost purplish/berry on me. I dab onto my lips for a plumped, matte rosy flush of color, then take whatever is left and press into my cheeks. I’ve also got my eye on the lip and cheek stain from 100% Pure. They say it’s a great nontoxic alternative to the Benefit Benetint, which I used to love back in my heyday. Well, hopefully, high school wasn’t my heyday.
I don’t have everything “in stock” at the moment, so only a few photos here. I may update in the future.
Anything I’ve missed?? What are your multi purpose favorites??

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