Aloe for Everything

Aloe there! Sorry; I had to. Lately, aloe vera gel has been my coconut oil, if you will. I have been using it with a trendy-worthy frenzy. The price is right, and the stuff goes far. While any aloe vera gel should work well with my suggestions below, I don’t recommend the neon green baby-powder-smelling stuff that they sell at most grocery stores. It’s full of unnecessary, possibly harmful additives. My favorite aloe vera is from Lily of the Desert. The idea behind all of these is dilution to cut greasiness.

DIY facial serum

If you have any oil-based serums or plain oils that are just a bit too heavy for your skin (either you bought them and didn’t realize it, or it’s summertime and you don’t want to overload your skin), add a few drops of the oil to some aloe in your palm and mix well. I’ve been using this to create a serum every morning, depending on how my skin is feeling, and also to dilute my MUN No. 1 Aknari Youth Serum, an oil serum that my skin wasn’t absorbing very well. I am still getting the brightening effects of the MUN but without it congesting my skin.

Hair texturizer

Spread a dollop of aloe vera gel on your hands and apply to moist hair after showering in a crimping motion, focusing on the ends. You don’t get much hold,  but this is a great way to add a bit of texture to the hair.

Moisturizing hair serum

I have very dry hair and skin, and especially in the winter, moisturizing adequately without getting greasy is a constant struggle. I used to use a Phyto “day cream” for hair that was very light yet moisturizing. It’s a really expensive product, though, and I thought it was worth a shot trying to recreate it.  I’ve very successfully been making my own with a pea sized amount of aloe vera gel in the palm, mixed with two drops of squalane oil and a drop of essential oil, like rose or lavender.

Scalp serum

I make this the same way as the hair serum but add a bit more oil and focus on applying just to the scalp. If you have dandruff, give this a go!

Just a few quick ideas on the very versatile aloe vera, besides the obvious use as sunburn SOS! Happy jellin’!



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