Evan Healy’s Douglas Fir ‘Hydro-soul’

Dearest friends,

It may be because of the holidays that I’m left feeling a bit sentimental, but today, I’m writing about a product that truly warms my heart. It’s been a joy to use Evan Healy’s Douglas Fir Hydro-soul over the past two weeks, and I just can’t get enough. My skin loves it, sure, but I think I love it even more.

This year, for Christmas, my parents and brother came out to Minnesota to visit. We hit up the local co-op the day they arrived, as you do, and the Douglas Fir hydrosol was in stock. It had never sounded too appealing to me, honestly. Something about being smacked in the face with Pine-Sol/potpourri walking past the Yankee Candle store at Christmases past. I gave the sample bottle a go, though, because I’m pretty sure Evan can do no wrong. I was right. And Mom indulged me in an early Christmas present.

Hydrosol is a “by-product” of plant distillation. When you distill flowers, you get water and oil (essential oil). Although essential oils are having a moment, hydrosol is also an incredibly beneficial and much more gentle plant derivative. It still has small amounts of oil from the plant, but the concentrations are so low that hydrosols are safe for even the most sensitive skin types (unless you have an allergy of course!).

Floral and plant waters have been used since ancient times, from rose water used in religious practices as well as for beautification, to lavender water for refreshing linens. Evan makes her “hydro-souls” in a traditional manner, using copper alembics and low heat to preserve all of the lovely compounds from the plant materials.

And for winter, the Douglas Fir Hydro-soul may just be the facial mist to end all facial mists. As a toner, the EHDF… H… does the job beautifully. It tightens but doesn’t dry. It’s the evergreen forest smell that does it for me though. I can feel cold snowflakes tickle my nose as I inhale. The spiciness enfolds you and it’s like a warm hug from a forest. That is skin Care with a capital ‘C,’ and a ritual that I can’t wait for every morning and night.


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