Minimalist Zen?


Photo is not high quality, apologies, but demonstrating the art of zen here is the decadent Mr. Zooey (Zooey as in Franny and Zooey; educate yo’selves before you judge!!!!). Cats really are the zen masters, no?? Even when they’re being jerks.

Coming out of my cat lady pulpit, let me get back to preaching on that other subject so near to my heart: the caring for the skin.

Several months ago, I instated a new policy in an attempt to keep my passions under control: I now buy only one skin care thing a month (not including ingredients used to make skin care for others). It is one item that I budget for and indulge in, though recently it’s been even less frequent. (With moving around, a new job, new expenses, etc., I’ve lost sight of my budget- so best to err on the side of caution!)

Anyway it’s been quite pleasing. It gives me a degree of control over the process. I can indulge without feeling guilty, not to mention that I’m actually finishing products now. I still get the joy of anticipating the purchase, and actually much more so than with an impulse buy! (I’m a planner at heart, you see.) I take great pleasure in planning my purchases.

This approach has also been better for my skin- with less products, more consistency, and less irritation. I’m also really thoughtful about what I’m going to buy (since I’ve got to wait at least another month before the next time), so I go for things that I know I love, or things that will probably work really well for me based on extended studies of the ingredients.

I will say also, (bear this in mind as you peruse the list below), that I’m making much more of my “basic” products, like cleanser, shampoo, toner, even moisturizer, myself. Oftentimes, I’ll just use a single ingredient even, like honey as cleanser or rose water for toner. This really helps to keep costs down. So even more so, I’m ok with splurging a bit on some of my monthly purchases, especially since they’re your hard-hitting products like masks and serums.

Blah blah blah… Ok…

Without further ado, I give you:



Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

This is a water-based serum, so should be quite light, and I’ve been eyeing this for quite some time. I think it’ll be the perfect thing for spring time, to kick the skin back into gear (gently kicking, gently…) and get rid of the dull, dry winter stuff. Likened to a retinoid, the enzymes (gently) exfoliate the skin while you sleep. This also has two of my other favorites: peptides and hyaluronic acid (or rather its precursor: xylitilglucoside). These are wonderful for plumping and hydrating the skin, which I, as a drier gal with larger pores, always look for. Also does not contain essential oils, which can sometimes irritate (and my skin is irritable, sigh…), but talk about a heavy-hitter!! CANNOT WAIT, especially after reading this.


Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner

April will be a re-fill month for me, since Kypris is quite the indulgence. The Hauschka Facial Toner is an old favorite, and I love to use it as a “serum” at night, especially in the summer months. It balances my skin and helps it do its thing as I sleep. I’ll probably alternate this in on nights that I’m not using the Kypris.


Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine With Zinc

Getting ready for summer! I’ve had my eye on the Canadian brand, Living Libations, for ages, and this product in particular. It’s very nourishing, with jojoba, sea buckthorn, and tamanu oils- all favorites. They’re lightweight, so won’t break me out. For SPF, this has raspberry seed oil- fascinating- and zinc, which is also a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. This will speed up getting ready in the morning as an SPF/moisturizer/serum/what-have-you in one.


Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

I recently got a sample of this foundation at a crazy cool store in Minneapolis. I found my match (it’s also cool- Cool 3), and I’ll be going back for a full size once I’m out of my current foundation (which is also great, but, ya know). I’d heard wonderful things, and truly, it does not dry out or irritate my sensitive skin (unlike some well-known mineral makeup brands… ahem… cough cough). I’ve been using cream formulations for a while, but I figure I use enough heavy creams and such underneath of foundation that I could give something lighter a try. (There seems to be a running theme here…)


Time for a break? (Or a re-fill of one of my  favorite basics, a lovely clay mask?)


100% Pure Mascara

Considering one of my mascaras is way past its prime, and the other irritates my eyes, it may be a bit of a hiatus from eye makeup for me until August.


Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

Another heavy-hitter, hit you in the face and the wallet as they do. This is sumptuous, and I love the fragrance, floral and sweet. Plumping and deep hydration to get ready for the winter. This also has one of my favorite ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and even though the Rejuvenating Serum is fairly light and soaks right in, I notice my skin is more hydrated over time with continued use. Yes, it’s expensive, but it lasts as using this 4-5 nights a week is plenty to see results.

So, apparently, not even this post minimalist save for its title, but such is life.


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