Chit chat: skincare, deodorant, and missing cables

Well hi there. Happy post-Tax Season. Hope all is merry and bright. Just writing in with a quick hello and some tidbits that may never make it into their own separate posts, or updates on previous posts.

MUN Aknari Youth Serum: I stopped using this for a while, since I was noticing some congestion (as mentioned in my post). Recently, though, I’ve been using it again, and this time in the morning underneath my SPF. It is so much better!! The MUN serum used to be marketed as a nighttime product, so I guess that sort of stuck with me. (Not that I’m in any way vulnerable to any sort of skincare marketing, no no. No way.) I just have better results generally using any oil-based products in the morning and just lighter, water-based products at night (Kypris!!!). Works every time, but for some reason I go in and out of phases of piling products onto my face even at night. I’ve said it at least twice, and I’ll say it again: if only I had more faces.

Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Mask: I think this spring weather safely qualifies as berserk, and the day-to-day 30 degree differences are making my face go a little berserk as well- mostly just dry. I bought this mask for my mom quite a while ago, but she gave it to me because she never used it. Not because she didn’t like it, my mom is just more practical than I am and doesn’t see much value in masking and 10-step skincare routines. (What do moms know anyway??) So, this has been total perfection 2-3 nights a week to rehydrate my skin, especially since I’ve not been using heavy products at night. I slather this bad boy on, leave on for 15 minutes, and compress off with a warm washcloth. Nothing to it.

“Upcoming” henna post: I’ve got a bit of a hairy situation with my camera. A missing cable has relegated some of my upcoming hair posts to the legions in my drafts box. At least they won’t be lonely. Basically, henna is awesome, whether you want to cover grays, color your hair, or just fight dandruff and/or strengthen and condition your hair. Quality is key. Purchase from Rebecca’s Apothecary in Boulder, CO. (They now deliver.)

Meow Meow: Meow Meow Tweet is the name of my deodorant, and I wouldn’t talk about this publicly if it weren’t so darn good. I’ve already been mocked for it. The packaging has what looks like a snake and a basketball hoop, as pictured below. I’m a fan. I’m almost out, and it is every bit as good as they say. The grapefruit, baking soda-free deo is effective and non-toxic and is right up there with the Weleda Rose Deodorant on my favorites list.


(I got the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, and it’s amazing!! This will definitely get its own post but I’ve been using this 5-6 nights a week for about 3 weeks now. My skin is generally clearer and brighter. It’s a pleasure to use.)


4 thoughts on “Chit chat: skincare, deodorant, and missing cables

  1. This is absolutely super duper and timely, to boot! Thanks a lot for the amazing information. I’ve got a Meow Meow Tweet and a Weleda rose on the way. So excited.

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