If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I am ashamed to admit it, but when I discovered a new organic beauty store in Denver during my trip back, I bought skin care. I bought one thing, not in my plan, and boy do I regret it. I’m addicted to trying new skincare, but sometimes, it backfires. Case in point with the sparkly, new, and newly-released Ilia Beauty Balm, SPF 20.


Why it’s a no-go
I have dry skin, so typically creams being “too heavy” isn’t a complaint I have. This, however, made my skin feel coated, and every time I put it on, I could not wait to wash it off. The product is supposed to provide a radiant finish, but the finish was just shiny, straight up. It’s supposed to be a great base for make up and refine and smooth over the skin, as a primer would. Instead, it settles into my pores (which are bigger, but generally not problematic), and makes them look huge. The Beauty Balm actually seems to highlight every bump and pore on my face. I haven’t tried a product I dislike this much in a long time. The only positives are the light, cocoa scent, and the box it comes in. Yes, I have a thing for textured paper products.


What I’m going to stick with
To end on a positive note, Badger isn’t glamorous, but it does what I need it to! Not only is it less than half the cost of the Ilia, Badger sunscreens feel great on my skin, even it out, provide hydration, and protect with non-irritating zinc SPF during the day. Ok, I sound like an ad. But really, why do I bother with anything else?? For this summer, give the Badger SPF 25 Rose Face Sunscreen a shot- also comes tinted.
Sure the packaging isn’t super fancy. It doesn’t have stem cells or any other hyped up ingredients, but sometimes, simple is better.




The repentant goat

2 thoughts on “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  1. So super glad i found your blog! Do you have a youtube channel? I am currently debating between the JB CC mineral sunscreen or the Badger Damascus Rose Tinted 25 spf!!! And i was wondering about this fancy smanshy line 👆🏼 BADGER sounds like the way to go! Just so hard for me to find in Dallas- went to Wholefoods and a Sprouts nada!

    1. Hi, Dulce! Thanks for your comment! I don’t have a Youtube channel… yet!! It reminds me of another post I need to publish and has been sitting on the back burner for way too long- where to buy this stuff online! My go-to is pharmaca.com, but for some reason, they never have the Badger facial sunscreen. They do have the JB and other Badger products, but that Badger face sunscreen is quite an elusive beast… I did find it at TJ Maxx once of all places! If all else fails, you might just order directly from them online.

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