I accidentally bought blue tansy, and I liked it.

You know how there’s always that ingredient du jour? And you read about it and it’s everywhere? And then it’s here and also there? Eventually, the impact sort of fades, and all that’s left is white noise. That is precisely how I felt about blue tansy oil.

It’s that miracle ingredient, and everyone and their mother is using it, from May Lindstrom to Sunday Riley? Love May Lindstrom. She was probably the original, to be fair, but at a certain point, I just stopped being interested in blue serums.

A few months ago, I found myself in the beauty aisles at the health food store. That never happens. So I thought, hey, I’ll check out the sales on Veriditas Botanicals, a small Minneapolis-based company that sources high-quality essential oils. I stood there, sniffing away, which never happens. Absolutely ever. I settled on a few oils and off I went.

At home, I took stock of my fragrant spoils: carrot seed oil (the answer to everlasting youth), bergamot oil (for mood-lifting oil diffusion), and chamomile, for my sensitive skin. Upon closer examination, Moroccan blue chamomile to be precise, aka Tanacetum anuum, aka blue tansy. It smells like milk and honey, or a heavy summer evening after it’s not rained a while; dry, sweet grass.

Does it send me off to sleep before I can say good night, like May Lindstrom promised? Oh it does, and it’s blue.

It calms my mind, and it calms my skin like a dream.I reach for it several nights a week, but especially if I haven’t been sleeping well or I have any sort of skin irritation, like sun burn or a break out. The blue color means blue tansy contains lots of azulene, an aromatic hydrocarbon with skin-soothing properties.


Unless it’s Halloween, don’t put blue tansy on your face undiluted. Not that I would know, though I will admit, it’s an oil that’s got some weight to it. If you are dry of skin, go nuts. If you’re more on the oily side, just use a few drops in your blend. My current mix involves tamanu oil, grapeseed oil, sea buckthorn oil, squalane oil, and a few drops of neem oil in addition to a few drops of blue tansy. Hydrating but light; antibacterial but soothing.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, check out Veriditas Botanicals at a local coop for a heavenly hydrosol or olfactory oil.


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