Staying Accountable

How did “Minimalist Zen” pan out? 

This is an update to my prior post “Minimalist Zen.” I give myself a solid B for my efforts over the past few months. Though I haven’t stayed totally on target, I’ve only had one “product haul” fiasco, really, and some out of order purchases. This is an on-going effort, of course, and not just in the skincare part of my life, but please see below for the details on March-September (of last year, 2016).


March was fine; Kypris is great!


Ah, April. If you recall, in April I was supposed to purchase the Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner, a solid favorite that I’ve repurchased many, many times. In fact, April became a make up haul month (and two hair products, in the interest of full disclosure). It was a very exciting time, and I will say that I wasn’t stingy in the least. Dermstore had a great deal out, and I finally tried some brands that I never had, as well as picking up new products from tried-and-true brands.
  • Hauschka, obviously. (I got the lipstick in 07 Transparent Pink, a bright cool pink that looks stellar with a tan.)
  • RMS Buriti Bronzer. I have been using this almost daily, even on days when I wear no other make up. It’s fantastic and perfect on cheeks and eyelids.
  • Vapour Siren Lipstick, Illusionist Concealer, and Mesmerize Eye Color. I find the lipstick in Possess is a great formula, really hydrating and plumping. It’s a cool nude with brown undertones, so not necessarily the most flattering color on me. Formula is wonderful though. Same goes for the concealer and eye shadow- hydrating but not greasy. Good staying power.
  • 100% Pure concealer and lip and cheek stain. I don’t recommend this concealer for  dry skin as it flakes. The Lip and Cheek Stain
May was for Living Libations Everyone Loves the Sunshine, but given my extensive guilt from last month, I stuck with a lovely hydrosol from my local health food store. Veriditas Botanicals is a local company based here in Minneapolis, sourcing high quality oils and hydrosols from all over. I love the transparency and small scale of the company, and their helichrysum hydrosol, from Corsica, France!


Birthday month! You knew I’d indulge. I went for the Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum 3 months early (earlier than the schedule set out in my prior post that is).




I was thinking of finally ordering the Living Libations, but it seemed unnecessary as my Badger sunscreen was still going strong. In any case, July was a month of many gifts, with family visiting- Bulgarian rose water, almond oil, primrose oil, and a beautiful oil blend from Prague. Not bad!


100% Pure BB Cream– LOVE. IT. Only downfall is that it’s only SPF 15, so if you’re going to be out all day, that’s not enough. I’m continuing to use this in the cooler months over top of more moisturizing creams and serums, and it’s still an A+! Coverage is good enough that I don’t need any other make up, especially if I go back in over areas with breakouts or redness.


Evan Healy Blue Chamomile Day Moisturizer. This was an impromptu indulgence. It smells lovely, but I haven’t noticed anything else exceptional about it. It’s not quite heavy enough for winter and tends to sit on top of my skin. I probably won’t repurchase this.



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